2015 Transient Migration in the Asia-Pacific: Identities, Social Networks and Media Symposium

students walking

students walking

RMIT University Melbourne 12 November 2015

Convenor: Catherine Gomes

Secretariat: Joshua Wong, Nikita Vanderbyl, Dora Constantinidis and Menik Wijekoon

Keynote speakers include:

  • Prof. Kirpal Singh (Singapore Management University)
  • Prof. Supriya Singh (RMIT University)
  • A/Prof. Shanton Chang (University of Melbourne)
  • A/Prof. Fran Martin (University of Melbourne)


‘Transient Migration in the Asia-Pacific’ is a symposium supported by the Australian Research Council and hosted by RMIT University. Temporary migration is increasingly part of everyday life in the 21st century.

The global, transient and circular flows of people for work and study are, for instance, part of our quotidian encounters and accepted practice in contemporary societies. In the Asia-Pacific, the movement of both skilled and unskilled labour and the growing number of students from within and outside the region has become commonplace.

These migrant flows and the cultures of mobility pose interesting questions about the maintenance and formation of the identities and social networks of transients especially in the age of global media and communication.

What kinds of identities and social networks are maintained, created and/or renewed while in transience? How does consumption and engagement with the media (including communication and social media) affect these processes? How important are home-based and host-based identities, social networks and media to transient migrants? How significant are identities and social networks formed by individuals in transience? Finally, in what ways do identities, social networks and media facilitate, hinder or further return to the homeland and future mobility?